Great Adirondack Young People’s Poetry Contest



“We read, recite, learn and write poems in order to fix in our memory precious truths and lasting feelings. Poetry existed long before the alphabet, and served ancient cultures as a way of remembering the stories that defined them.  In our world of print and electronic media, poetry retains its ancient power.”


The Great Adirondack Young People’s Poetry Contest was initiated in 1998 and remains today one of the most successful and treasured programs of the Lake Placid Institute. It originated from a recognition that poetry is not only a fundamental literary art but also a form of writing that can be easily made accessible and to students of all ages. Each year we receive over 500 entries from students in grades 1-12 in public and private schools within the Adirondack Park. The poems are juried by professional practicing poets – this year Judith Coopy of the Lake Placid Poets’ Guild – and several young poets in each grade are honored as winners. Selected poems will be published in the chapbook, Words from the Woods, and poets chosen for special merit will have the opportunity to recite their poems at an awards reception on May 20 at the North Woods Hotel in Lake Placid.


2016 Words from the Woods Poetry Contest Booklet


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Jordan Craig Video & Photo



Two poems may be submitted by any student in grades 1-12 (including home-schooled students) in schools in the Adirondack Park or if the school has student that live within the Adirondack Park. Poems may be of any length and in any form of verse – rhyme, meter, free. Please include the poet’s name, grade, teacher, teacher’s email address, school, school address, school phone number and/or home phone number with each poem submitted. Submissions deadline: April 21, 2017. Entries may be sent to: or, by regular mail to: Lake Placid Institute, P.O. Box 988, Lake Placid, N.Y. 12946.