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Lake Placid Institute for the Arts & Humanities Presents the First 2014 Adirondack Roundtable 

July 7, 2014–Lake Placid, NY, The Lake Placid Institute for the Arts & Humanities, the Adirondacks’ premier educational and cultural organization, launches its 2014 Summer Roundtable Series with Jules B. Kroll, Founder & Chairman of K2 Intelligence and former Chairman of Kroll Associates – now known as Kroll Inc., the global leader in risk mitigation and response, on July J2th at 8:30 am in the Mountainview Room at the Convention Center at Lake Placid.  Founded in 1972, Kroll, Inc. is now the world’s preeminent detective agency with 3,000 employees, offices in 60 cities in more than 35 countries.  After leaving the company in 2004, Mr. Kroll created the Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) to reinvent the bond rating agency business now dominated by Standard & Poors. Mr. Kroll’s

Kroll Inc. specializes in pursuing crime, particularly financial crime, across international borders, and has been responsible for recovering vast amounts of wealth from, among others, Saddam Hussein, Ferdinand Marcos, and Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier.  Kroll will regale the audience with countless stories about abuses of trust and misdeeds of leaders from around the world, also sharing his optimistic commentary on the current state of affairs. “The world is not becoming a more corrupt place, in fact, it’s getting better,” said Mr. Kroll.  “The issue of integrity is alive everywhere.” Breaking up extortion rings and nailing dictators has been only one part of his crusade for truth and justice.

In the spirit of a true American entrepreneur and Horatio Alger story, Jules B. Kroll created an industry where none existed before, as he moved into the world of finance and strategic planning.  Kroll, Inc, expanded its already wide range of services to forensic accounting, crisis management and competitor analysis, essentially creating the field of industrial espionage and becoming the world’s expert on counterfeiting, computer fraud, identity fraud, and sophisticated financial crimes.  According to William Finnegan’s The New Yorker column, “Kroll’s discretion lives somewhat mysteriously, alongside a deep gregariousness.  He loves to tell stories, digress, and speculate, and his enthusiasms are beguiling.  But, for all his freedom to speak his mind now that he is no longer accountable to shareholders, he struck me as being still, in many ways, a walking vault of confidential information.”  In 2004, Kroll sold his company to Marsh & McLennan, an insurance conglomerate, fornearly two billion dollars.

“Jules B. Kroll is the real deal:  an industry maverick in every way”, says Charles Noth, Chairman of LPI. “The Lake Placid Institute is thrilled to launch its Adirondack Roundtable with such a prestigious and dynamic American success story.” The Adirondack Roundtable, presented by the Institute will continue on July 19th with son of Cold War lawyer & negotiator James Britt Donovan, author and communications consultant John Donovan, and on August 9th with President of GE Africa, Jay Ireland.  For additional information, please visit and to purchase tickets at or at 518-523-1312.  Breakfast will be served at 8:30 and the program begins promptly at 9:00 a.m.  Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door and are tax-deductible.


ABOUT THE LAKE PLACID INSTITUTE: The Lake Placid Institute for the Arts & Humanities (LPI) is committed to fostering opportunities for learning, sharing, and celebrating the Adirondacks’ rich creative heritage, through high caliber and innovative cultural and educational programming. The Institute is a platform for world-class artists, leaders and thinkers to present their work and share their ideas, while also providing residents, visitors, and students of all ages, with an opportunity for cultural and intellectual enrichment.  Programs include the Adirondack Roundtable, the Great Adirondack Poetry Contest, the Chamber Music Seminar, a 24 Hour Photo Contest, as well as an annual trip to the Broadway theatre in Manhattan.  The institute partners with regional and national arts organizations and is always open to new ideas and partnerships for presenting innovative and impactful programming to the area.